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Colour Treatment Mask 542 50ml Curl Power 244 4.22 fl.oz. Curl Power Trio
Ref. Colour Treatment Mask Travel Size
Ref. Curl Power 3.3 fl.oz. Curl Power Trio

Set includes
  • Heat Protection
  • Curl Power
  • REF Blue Miracle Detangler Brush

REF. Dry Shampoo 204 Travel 2.53 fl.oz REF. Dry Shampoo 204 7.43 fl.oz. Black Dry Shampoo REF.
Ref. Dry Shampoo Ref. Dry Shampoo REF Black Dry Shampoo/204 is a dry, weightless
powder spray designed to freshen up hair and add volume.
Brown Dry Shampoo 204 6.8 fl.oz. Extreme Hold Spray 525 10.14 fl.oz. Fiber Mousse 345 8.5 fl.oz.
Ref. Brown Dry Shampoo Ref. Hold Hairspray 10.7 fl.oz. Ref. Fiber Mousse 8.5 fl.oz.
Fiber Mousse 345 Travel Size 2.5 oz Firm Hold Spray 5.91 fl. oz. Flexible Spray 333
Ref. Fiber Mousse 2.5 fl.oz. Ref. Hairspray 8.5 fl.oz. Flexible Spray 333 10.14 fl. oz. NEW

Medium hold versatile spray for natural movement and touchable control. Weightless and pliable manageability. Frizz free results. Moisture resistant. For all hair types.
Forming Cream 423 2.5 fl.oz. Get It Straight 241 4.22 fl.oz. Get it Straight Trio
Ref. Forming Cream 2.5 fl.oz. Ref. Get It Straight 5.1 fl.oz. Get it Straight Trio

Set Includes
  • Heat Protection
  • Get it Straight
  • REF Rose Miracle Detangler Brush
Heat Protection 5.9 fl.oz. Hold & Shine 545 10.7 fl.oz. Hold &Shine/545 Travel Size
Ref. Heat Protection Spray 8.5 fl.oz. Ref. Hold & Shine 10.7 fl.oz.
Illuminate Colour Conditioner 2.02 fl. oz. Illuminate Colour Shampoo 2.03 fl.oz. Intense Hydrate Conditioner TRAVEL 2.02 oz.
REF. Illuminate Colour Conditioner 2.03 oz.

Illuminate Colour Shampoo 2.03 oz. TRAVEL SIZE

REF. Intense Hydrate Conditioner 2.03 oz.

Moisture Shampoo 543 75ml. Leave-in Treatment 4.22 fl.oz. Moisture Treatment Mask 552 50ml.
Ref. Moisture Shampoo 75ml TRAVEL SIZE
Ref. Leave-in Treatment REF. Moisture Treatment Mask TRAVEL SIZE
Molding Paste 325 6.8 fl.oz. Mousse 435 8.45 fl.oz.
Ref. Molding Paste 6.8 fl.oz. Ref. Mousse 10.7 fl.oz.
Amplifying mousse that boosts volume.

A non sticky mousse that provides body and volume with long lasting hold. Gives weightless control to all hairstyles without drying.


Shake the bottle and apply the product to towel-dried hair. Define your curls or just boost your volume with a blow dryer.

Ocean Mist 303 5.1 fl.oz. REF Straight & Shiny Duo w/Free Cosmetic Tote
Ref. Ocean Mist 5.1 fl.oz.
Salon purchases
  • Get it Straight
  • Shine Spray

Receives a REF cosmetic tote for free
REF. Creativity Package
Reference of Sweden Root Concealer-Salon Intro ROOT CONCEALER- Product-Display Reference of Sweden ROOT CONCEALER  Black
Reference of Sweden Root Concealer-Salon Intro
Product Display board.
Root Concealer- Black
Reference of Sweden ROOT CONCEALER BROWN Reference of Sweden ROOT CONCEALER  Dark Blonde Reference of Sweden ROOT CONCEALER  Light Brown
Ref: Root Concealer Brown
Root Concealer- Dark Blonde
Root Concealer- Light Brown
Root to Top 335 8.45 fl.oz Rough Wax 505 2.5 fl.oz Sculpting Gel 433 5.07 fl.oz.
Ref. Root to Top 8.5 oz Ref. Rough Wax 2.5 fl.oz. Ref. Sculpting Gel 3.3 fl.oz.
Shine Spray 050 5.07 fl.oz. Spray Wax 434 8.45 fl.oz. Stay Smooth 250 4.22 fl.oz.
Ref. Shine Spray 6.8 fl.oz. Ref. Spray Wax 8.5 fl.oz. Ref. Stay Smooth 3.3 fl.oz.
REF. Styling Brush Styling Wax 534 2.5 fl.oz Texture Cream 215 2.5 fl.oz.
REF. Styling Brush
Ref. Styling Wax 2.5 oz. Ref. Texture Cream 2.5 fl.oz.
Thickening Spray 215 10.7 fl.oz. REF. Ultimate Repair Conditioner 2.03 oz. Ultimate Repair Shampoo 2.02 fl.oz.
Ref. Thickening Spray 10.7 fl.oz. REF. Ultimate Repair Conditioner 2.03 oz. Ref. Repair Shampoo TRAVEL SIZE
REF. Weightless Volume Conditioner 2.02 oz. Weightless Volume Shampoo TRAVEL 2.02 fl.oz. Wonder Oil 4.22 oz.
REF. Weightless Volume Conditioner 2.03 oz.

Ref. Volume Shampoo 75ml TRAVEL SIZE
Wonder Oil 4.22 oz.
Wonder Oil TRAVEL SIZE .50 oz.