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Sulphate free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Vegan shampoos with botanical extracts specially chosen to protect, strengthen and infuse illuminating shine to natural and colour treated hair. This unique formulation contains enhancing colour preserving nutrients to help revitalize while providing luminescent shine and eliminating flyaways. Available exclusively at locally owned REF Professional salons we do not support chains or discount stores.


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Care & Hand Soap Trio - Cool Silver REF Care & Hand Soap Trio - Illuminate Colour REF Care & Hand Soap Trio - Intense Hydrate
Cool Silver shampoo, conditioner w/ Amber & Rhubarb hand soap Illuminate Colour shampoo, conditioner w/ Amber & Rhubarb hand soap Intense Hydrate shampoo, conditioner w/ Peach & Almond hand soap
REF Care & Hand Soap Trio - Ultimate Repair REF Care & Hand Soap Trio - Weightless Volume REF Cool Silver Duo - 600ml
Ultimate Repair Shampoo, Conditioner w/ new Amber & Rhubarb hand soap Weightless Volume shampoo, conditioner, w/ new Peach and Almond hand soap
Shampoo & Conditioner Set
REF Cool Silver Shampoo - 1000ml REF Cool Silver Shampoo - 9.63 oz REF Cool Silver Shampoo - Travel
Purple Shampoo Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo - Travel
REF Hair & Body Shampoo Travel - 100ml Hair & Body Wash - 1000ml Ref Hair & Body Wash 9.63 oz.
Hair & Body Wash - Travel Hair & Body Hair & Body Wash
REF Illuminating Colour Shampoo - 67.6 oz REF Illuminating Colour Shampoo - 1000ml REF Illuminating Colour Shampoo - 9.63 oz
Colour Shampoo - Half Gallon Colour Shampoo - Liter Colour Shampoo
REF Illuminate Colour Shampoo Travel - 100ml Intense Hydrate Shampoo - 1000ml REF Intense Hydrate Shampoo
Colour Shampoo -Travel Hydrating Shampoo Hydrating Shampoo
Intense Hydrate Shampoo 67.6 oz. REF Intense Hydrate Shampoo Travel - 100ml REF Perfect Travel Kit  - Cool Silver
Hydrating Shampoo - Half Gallon Hydrate Shampoo - Travel Cool Silver Kit
REF Perfect Travel Kit  - Illuminate Colour REF Perfect Travel Kit - Ultimate Repair REF Perfect Travel Kit  - Weightless Volume
Illuminate Colour Kit Ultimate Repair Kit Weightless Volume Kit
REF Perfect Travel Kit - Intense Hydrate REF Ultimate Repair Shampoo - 1000ml Ultimate Repair Shampoo 67.6 oz.
Intense Hydrate Kit Repair Shampoo Ultimate Repair Shampoo 67.6 oz.
Ultimate Repair Shampoo 9.63 fl oz. Ultimate Repair Shampoo 2.02 fl.oz. REF Weightless Volume Shampoo - 67.6 fl oz
Repair Shampoo Repair Shampoo - Travel
Volume Shampoo - Half Gallon
REF Weightless Volume Shampoo - 1000ml REF Weightless Volume Shampoo - 9.63oz REF Weightless Volume Shampoo - 100ml
Volume Shampoo - Liter Volume Shampoo Volume Shampoo