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We have evolved from Henna, herbs and spices to the combination of nature and 21st century science to develop hair colour that performs to the highest standards and expectations of today’s modern women.

REF Hair colour limits the amount of chemicals used in the production of it’s products adding natural ingredients to enhance condition, shine and durability to our colouring system.

Key ingredients
  • ALOE VERA Long known for it’s healing and moisturizing properties, Aloe also brings antibacterial and soothing ingredients to the scalp during the process.
  • LOW AMMONIA With an average ammonia content of less than 2%, REF ensures proper lift and deposit ratios at any level of colour choice.
  • ANTI AGING Contains Thermus thermophilus – which is an effective, heat activated antioxidant that protects the hair and scalp from both UV-A and UV-B rays.

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Ref 1.0 Black Ref. 10.0 Extra Light Blonde Ref. 10.003 Bahia Natural Extra Light Blonde
Ref. Colour 1.0
Ref. Colour 10.0 Ref. Colour 10.003
Ref. 10.1 Extra Light Ash Blonde Ref. 10.2 Extra Light Pearl Blonde Ref. 10.21 Extra Light Pearl Ash Blonde
Ref. Colour 10.1 Ref. Colour10.2
Ref. Colour 10.21
Ref. 12.0 Special Natural High Lift Blonde Ref. 12.1 Special High Lift Ash Blonde 12.11 Ref. Colour
Ref. Colour 12.0 Ref. Colour 12.1 Ref. Colour 12.11
Ref. 12.21 Special High Lift Pearl Ash Ref. 12.3 Light Golden Blonde 2.0 Extra Dark Brown
Ref. Colour 12.21 Ref. Colour 12.3
Ref. Colour 2.0
20 Volume Peroxide-8oz 3.0 Dark Brown 4.0 Brown
TRIAL SIZE Ref. Colour 3.0 Ref. Colour 4.0
4.1 Ash Brown 4.11 Darkest Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz 4.3 Golden Brown
Ref. Colour4.1 4.11 Darkest Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz Ref. Colour 4.3
4.4 Copper Brown 4.62 Brilliant Red Brown 5.0 Light Brown
Ref. Colour 4.4 Ref. Colour 4.62 Ref. Colour 5.0
5.00 Intense Natural Light Brown 5.036 Coffee 5.1 Light Ash Brown
Ref. Colour 5.00 Ref. Colour 5.036 Ref. Colour 5.3
5.11 Dark Smoky Ash 3.3 fl oz REF 5.12 5.26 Brilliant Violet Red Light Brown
5.11 Dark Smoky Ash 3.3 fl oz Ref. Colour 5.12 Ref. Colour 5.26
5.55 Intense Light Mahogany 5.66 Intense Red Light Brown 6.0 Dark Blonde
Ref. Colour 5.55 Ref. Colour 5.66 Ref. Colour 6.0
Ref 6.00 Intense Natural Dark Blonde 6.003 Bahia Natural Dark Blonde 6.036 Dark Chocolate
Ref. Colour 6.00 Ref. Colour 6.003 Ref. Colour 6.036
6.1 Ash Dark Blonde 6.11 Medium Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz 6.22 Brilliant Violet Dark Blonde
Ref. Colour 6.1 6.11 Medium Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz Ref. Colour 6.22
6.23 Jacaranga 6.3 Dark Golden Brown 6.31 Dark Golden Ash Blonde
Ref. Colour 6.23 Ref. Colour 6.3 Ref. Colour 6.31
6.4 Dark Copper Blonde 6.62 Brilliant Red Dark Blonde 6.66 Intense Red Dark Blonde
Ref. Colour 6.4 Ref. Colour 6.62 Ref. Colour 6.66
7.0 Blonde 7.00 Intense Natural Blonde 7.003 Bahia Natural Blonde
Ref. Colour 7.0 Ref. Colour 7.00 Ref. Colour 7.003
7.036 Milk Chocolate 7.1 Ash Blonde 7.11 Medium Light Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz
Ref. Colour 7.036 Ref. Colour 7.1 7.11 Medium Light Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz
7.23 Walnut 7.3 Golden Blonde 7.31 Golden Ash Blonde
Ref. Colour 7.23 Ref. Colour 7.3 Ref. Colour 7.31
7.43 Golden Copper Blonde 7.44 Intense Copper Blonde 7.53 Mahogany Golden Blonde
Ref. Colour 7.43 Ref. Colour 7.44 Ref. Colour 7.53
8.0 Light Blonde 8.00 Intense Natural Light Blonde 8.035 Cappuccino
Ref. Colour 8.0 Ref. Colour 8.00 Ref. Colour 8.035
8.1 Light Ash Blonde 8.11 Light Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz 8.3 Light Golden Blonde
Ref. Colour 8.1 8.11 Light Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz Ref. Colour 8.3
8.31 Light Golden Ash Blonde 8.44 Intense Copper Light Blonde 8.46 Intense Copper Red Light Blonde
Ref. Colour 8.31 Ref. Colour 8.44 Ref. Colour 8.46
8.66 Intense Red Light Blonde 9.0 Very Light Blonde 9.003 Bahia Natural Very Light Blonde
Ref. Colour 8.66 Ref. Colour 9.0 Ref. Colour 9.003
9.035 Caffelatte 9.1 Very Light Ash Blonde 9.11 Lightest Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz
Ref. Colour 9.035 Ref. Colour 9.1 9.11 Lightest Cool Ash 3.3 fl oz
9.23 Birch 9.3 Very Light Golden Blonde 9.31 Very Light Golden Ash Blonde
Ref. Colour 9.23 Ref. Colour 9.3 Ref. Colour 9.31
9.43 Golden Copper Very Light Blonde Backpack w/School Kit Ref. Corrector- Blue 3.3 fl.oz.
Ref. Colour 9.43 17" backpack w/school supply kit Ref. Corrector Blue
Ref. Corrector- Gold 3.3 fl.oz. Ref. Corrector- Green 3.3 fl.oz. Ref. Corrector- Neutral 3.3 fl.oz.
Ref. Corrector Gold Ref. Corrector Green Ref. Corrector Neutral
Ref. Corrector- Orange 3.3 fl.oz. Ref. Corrector- Red 3.3 fl.oz. Ref. Corrector- Silver 3.3 fl.oz.
Ref. Corrector Orange Ref. Corrector Red Ref.Corrector Silver
Ref. Corrector- Violet 3.3 fl.oz. Ref. Pearl Booster 3.3 fl.oz. Ref. Peroxide 1.9%/6 Volume Liter
Ref. Corrector Violet Ref. Corrector Pearl Ref. Peroxide 6 Volume
Ref. Peroxide 12%/40 Volume Liter Ref. Peroxide 3%/10 Volume Liter Ref. Peroxide 6%/20 Volume Liter
Ref. Peroxide 40 Volume Ref. Peroxide 10 Volume Ref. Peroxide 20 Volume
Ref. Peroxide 9%/30 Volume Liter ProPlex 01. Bonder 100ml ProPlex 01. Bonder 500ml
Ref. Peroxide 30 Volume REF ProPlex 01. Bonder 100ml REF ProPlex 01. Bonder 500ml
ProPlex 02. Perfector 500ml ProPlex Introductory Kit ProPlex Try Me Kit
ProPlex 02. Perfector 500ml REF ProPlex Hair Strengthener Salon Introductory Kit
REF ProPlex Try Me Kit
Ref. Bleach REFILL 500g/17.63 fl.oz. REF Cool Ash Intro REF Deluxe Complete Colour Intro
Ref. Bleach REFILL
REF Cool Ash Intro small
Intro Includes both Permanent Colour and Soft Colour
REF Deluxe Cool Ash Intro REF Pastel Intro-Large REF Pastel Intro-Small
3 of each 4.11, 6.11, 7.11, 8.11 and 9.11, 2-20 Vol Developers and Cool Ash Swatch inserts
REF pastel intro REF Pastel Intro Small
REF Pastel Swatch Chart REF Pastel-Blush REF Pastel-Cobalt
REF Pastel Swatch Chart REF Pastel-Blush REF Pastel-Cobalt
REF Pastel-Graphite REF Pastel-Heaven REF Pastel-Jade
REF Pastel-Cobalt REF Pastel-Cobalt REF Pastel-Blush
REF Pastel-Lavender REF Pastel-Rose REF Pastel-Steel
REF Pastel-Blush REF Pastel-Rose REF Pastel-Steel
REF Permanent Colour Intro REF Try Me Intro Ref. Colour Bowl
Includes one each of the Permanent colour shades PLUS Try the top sellers in REF! Ref. Colour Bowl
Ref. Colour Chart
Ref. Colour Chart